LET ME SLEEP (2022): Have you ever had hard time sleeping because you wake up from dreams time to time during the night? I made this animation in a time like that. I couldn't sleep properly because of everything that was in my mind, even when I do sleep nightmares wake me up. 
Animation mediums: Cut outs, drawing    Work Duration: 2 Weeks
NEVER GONNA SEE HER (2019): One of my first animations. This is an animation music video I did to a song I wrote. My friend Poorva Singh sang it to the music composed by John Cooper. It is a heartbreaking story of two lovers.
Animation mediums: Drawing, Cut outs     Work Duration: 4 Weeks
2020 (2020): A short animation we made for the Rode Reel competition in 2020. The BTS video is on the right. Aniruddha Jaydeokar helped as the co-creator of this work.
Animation medium: Digital (Photoshop)       Work Duration: 1.5 Weeks
EKAS (2019): One of my first animations. I combined different mediums of animation. It was a fun project to make and also a project that taught me many things about animation.
Animation mediums: Pixilation, Cut outs, Drawing          Work Duration: 3 Weeks
THE THREE MASKS OF THE WASTELAND (2019): A collaborative project with my friends- Cathal, Sophie and Truth. This was a project that we practiced creating and building characters in animation.
Animation mediums: Claymation/Tabletop         Work Duration: 1 Week 
(2019) This is a project that we practiced Stop-motion/Pixilation technique in animation. My friends Mark and Cathal collaborated with me.
Animation mediums: Pixilation           Work Duration: 2 Days  
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