The Withered Kadupul is a film about a mom who acts immorally to save her family, a daughter who is ashamed of her, and a brother who dreams for a better future. The message I tried to convey through this film is that no one should judge a person based on their social status. I also tried to shine a light on some serious social issues in Sri Lanka such as poverty and forced prostitution.
Written and Directed by: Disal Lahiru         Cinematography: Kavin Wijesinghe   Cast: Shehan Madushanka, Thisuni Dhamsathi, Thulara Wijesinghe, Dwara Nimadhi & Disal Lahiru          Edited by: Disal Lahiru
The Black Fog is about a blind girl who suffered from harassment as a child and spends her teenage years alone and helpless. This film investigates social issues such as child rape and social injustice.
Written & Directed by: Disal Lahiru          Cinematography: Kavin Wijesinghe       Cast: Thisuni Dhamsathi, Shehan Madushanka, Thulara Wijesinha & Disal Lahiru     Edited by: Disal Lahiru
As a Buddhist, I have learned that to achieve Nibbana and get out of this cycle of reincarnation we must release ourselves from all attachments. Attachments are the cause of all hurt and sadness. My film “Attachments” is a surreal work addressing my perspective on different kinds of attachments.
A Film by: Disal Lahiru         Cinematography by: Aniruddha Jaydeokar
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